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1. Mini sized, Weather-proof IP67, Rubber handle paint, feels comfortable.
2. Device can be charged by docking station and micro USB
3. Real time tracking by GPS satellite.
4. Real time tracking by CellLocate, location based on the cellular network, users are able to track in shielded environments such as indoors and enclosed park houses.
5. AGPS, TTFF in 30 seconds (10 seconds for GPRS included).
6. Fall detection for children and elderly, patient.
7. With rechargeable 900mah Lithium battery. Standby time: 30days.
8. Built-in 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm and power management.
9. Voice monitoring
10. Two way Voice communication.(high quality sounds and hands free volume sound)
11. Built in 8MB flash memory.
12. Data logging: 60000locations.
13. GPRS blind area data re-upload function
14. Firmware upgrade over the air.
15. Reply map link of current position.
16. SOS emergency button.
17. Geo-fencing alarm, Over speed alarm.
18. GPS signal lost and recovery alert.
19. Movement alarm.
20. Bluetooth receiver(not available now)
21. Micro USB charger,Micro SIM Card
22. U-blox GPS technology.
23. Real time tracking on a map from a computer or on the go with free mobile APP.
24. Certified with CE, Rohs and SAR Certications.
25.waterproof IPX67
26: docking station ( 8 usd/pcs , option part).Belt : 3USD/PCS  Rope: 0.5USD/PCS


If device is broken or malfunctioning, you are able to request new item or money refund. Please contact us during 7 working days after your receive order, otherwise money will be not refunded. To get a refund you have to send broken/malfunctioning device back to our warehouse. All returned items will be inspected. Full refund is processed only if returned items are without usage marks and in their original packaging.

Please contact us for return details.


Devices have 12 month warranty. If you have broken/malfunctioning device and would like to get a replacement, you have to send device to our warehouse and we will ship replacement as soon as we receive broken/malfunctioning device.

Please contact us for return details.

Return shipping

Refund or warranty shipping is paid by the buyer. Buyer must send order back to BemTop.com warehouse via postal service, order must have tracking number, customs value should not exceed 10 USD and shipping reason: “Return for repair or refund”.

Most of the countries’GPRS Parameters is including in the device when is out of the factory;if the device can’t location and offine,please send SMS of setting the GPRS Parameters,to set the APN of the SIM Card in the device,to make the device normal work.

Different Countries and different GSM Operators,the APN is different,please consult with your local Operator to know the APN of the SIM Card.

Insturction format:S1,apn,user name,password
The”cmwap” in the example is representative the APN of China Mobile Operator.if successfully to set the APN,it will reply a message show” Set APN OK! GPRS connecting”

it means the SIM Card don’t open the caller ID display,pls open the caller ID display
  1. It may don’t have the GPRS network signal or bad signal,so it can’t send the GPRS data
  2. The SIM Card didn’t open the GPRS,suggest to open the 30M GPRS data per moth
  3. Device is on a call,when make a phone call GPRS data transmit automtic close
  1. The SIM Card don’t have the money,can’t transmit the data and make phone call
  2. Device don’t turn on or power off
  3. There is no signal or weak signal(Mainly shows the device can’t transmit the data to the server)
Device is under LBS location,The accurate location of LBS is due to the LBS density of the device’s physical locatoin,the normal accuracy location about LBS is between 50-1000 meter.(Log in the web server,under the more information about the device to filter LBS,It means to close the LBS)